Friday, April 3, 2009

Crochet Blanket/Throw

This is a quick and easy project ~ a no brain-er really. I like these brainless one stitch patterns like this because I can do it without thinking, my hands just move - because some days thinking is hard to do.

I am using up some yarn I bought a long time ago when like hunter green and cranberry where the "in" colors, lol. So I used the two colors and combined it with black to have a nice thick yarn to use with this equally big crochet hook used for rag rugs.

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Thursday, April 2, 2009

Another Loom Project

This project is from the book, LoomCrafts with Knifty Knitter by Shannon Erling - Afgan Shawl. My version is using Bernat Softee Baby Yarn and I chose to change colors - why? Because I never changed colors before and thought the soft stripes would add interest to this project. Will I wear it as a shawl out and about? - well no, my better fashion sense tells me this will be used around the house on chilly nights here in front of the computer; it matches my pj's perfectly.

On the needles... a simple tube project brought to you by the AntiCraft! While this little knit condom might not be the best method of protection it is handy for covering your toys!!

See the original here...

I am pretty happy with the way this is turning out - because I am fairly new to knitting and knitting on three needles seemed so intimidating to me however, I always wanted to make a pair of socks and this is a necessary technique to master. So far so good, no dropped stitches, and the gauge is working out ok. **smiles

Knit On!!

April Showers...

...wash away my flowers.
This picture above was taken before today's storm but after another storm we had - you can barely see in the other bed that peas have sprouted. I fear the lettuce seed I sown probably floated and washed away. All we can do is wait and see.

It's been raining off and on for days!! The little garden that could is under water. I just have to share my gardening woes, that this happened to me before. Some time in April last year we had like 21 inches of rain come down in three days - it was horrible and I got stuck in the mud in my own driveway (boy was my pride hurt, lol when I called the tow truck to save me).

Oh why do I try?

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Knitting Loom Project - Satchel

Purling Sprite - Free Satchel Pattern for Knitting Looms.

Ok I am really loving the knitting loom here lately - especially after I made my first pair of slipper socks! Yes - I now it's hard to believe I made socks. Incredibly it was super easy too. This is a satchel I am making for my daughter - I am using the green loom (obviously) and a mohair-like yarn I found in a discount bin of Big Lots. Yes I know it's not the most beautiful or luxuripus yarn in the world but it was what I could get my hands on locally and suitable for these beginner projects, because I am still learning.

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