Friday, August 29, 2008

Boobs, Frozen Peas and Knitting

Ok so I have boobs on the mind today...

-two really cool knitting projects that I want to do.
Tit Bits

A Condom Amulet

I just picked up some new needles and a project book - I have revisited knitting again and can't wait to start these projects and see how they turn out. I bought some silky red yarn that I will do the amulet and bra/breast pouch. I have two daughters (who are discovering boys)and they just got cell phones too. These will be perfect gifts for them I think and just in time for Christmas.

The Tit Bits I want to make and donate. I think it is important and I want to make a contribution.

So there are my knitting projects.

Knitting in Second Life
- I bought some knitting needles and knitting script for my Avitar - she now knits in SL how cool is that?? Well I wanted to join the knitting club in SL and unfortunately its members don't meet any more. If anyone wants to make a new group - a crochet and knitting circle more or less - please contact me. Any Second Life Plurkettes out there?

A Plurk bud Connie
that I met in SL at the BlogHer 2008 conference in SL started the Frozen Pea Fund. It's an amazing story (read it here)- well she just started recently keeping office hours in SL and I have plans to pop over to her office and chat with her about how I can help her cause. She is an awesome lady - I enjoy what she contributes as a media guru on the Plurkshops and her cause with the Frozen Pea Fund.

***Thank you Connie, I am coming to see you in-world real soon***

Ok so I want to also share that I have a more "adult" blog but it's a good none the less - not too erotic or real pornographic material - just "adult matter and content". Hop on over and check it out - you'll find more boobie postings (a video about another kind of Breast Cancer) how to talk to your kids about sex, toy reviews and more over there.

Ok so I am off to knit and plan - and catch up the laundry. Have a great weekend and Labor Day!

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